In May 1999 my brother Julius and I wanted to learn a bit of Cinema 4D, so we invited the son of a mutual friend of our parents. He offered to introduce us into Cinema 4D. As usual we showed each other our previous work. Julius and I made our first steps in programming and presented a blinking oval shape which could fire at other blinking ovals. This was the point to come into operation for mattin. He rendered a space ship for another project and he gave it to us, Julius included it into the game and the game looked a thousand times better. The evening was a success when we included a second space ship and an explosion. No more words about learning Cinema 4D.

The project grew slowly but surely and became slower and slower because we worked with Delphi and Windows API calls. In the meantime Anselm joined the team and we started to convert the whole project to DirectX and C++ Builder. And here as well we discovered the edge of the used technology. During this time we started to set up a German webpage for game development because we just found English ones and the lonely This is how I met Matthias, webmaster of, who was working on his own project during this period of time. This encounter was going to have some vital influence in the future but for now back to the game: We started over from scratch for a third time using Visual C++ as our development environment. In September 2000 we completed a test version of ProjektD and decided to stop further development because we saw our motivation swooning.

At this time we met MSE (Mainstream Entertainment) for the first time in real life. They were developing a real time strategy game based on the stoty of the Tripods. After we cancelled ProjektD we started some further education and decided to start a new game in 3D. A new sechsta sinn homepage was born and games-net was rebuild from scratch as well.

We started over with new euphoria but after a really short time we had to face a by far too huge project for our team. During this time I talked with Matthias in the German game development chat #gamedev.ger and we came up with the result to merge sechsta sinn and MSE (Mainstream Entertainment). Again euphoria started to take control : ). On the same day I asked all the other team members and they supported our idea.
The next possible meeting was arranged and all necessary subjects were talked through. We decided to develop the real time strategy game of MSE in a different scenario with the new name Die Verbotene Welt (The Forbidden World). We designed a new homepage again. And now all the motivated members of sechsta sinn and MSE were working together on the new project. It was my whish to keep the name sechsta sinn.
In the meantime we took part in a #gamedev.ger competition and developed the game MechWalker within one week. We won the competition with desistance to the next game : )

Since the contest we met quite a few times and the development on Die Verbotene Welt (The Forbidden World) had a great process: There is the final version of our mission editor, the artificial intelligence for the computer units was improved and new units and buildings were added. We won our first screenshot contest with Die Verbotene Welt (The Forbidden World) (45,29% voted for us) on! To be continued [Jochen]


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