Welcome to sechsta sinn's Die Verbotene Welt (The Forbidden World), a real time strategy game. Here you will find an overview over the project, some more detailed information can be found in the DVW diary, sorry, its just German.

Earth was the arena of a interplanetarian war and became uninhabitable. The planet was quarantined, and all life was evacuated. All? Not all. A
forgotten group of men barricaded in subterranean bunkers. Sickened by the aftermath of the war, a new kind of mankind was bred: the Bunkermenschen. Hundreds of years later, a troup transport of the KPB (Konföderierter Plantenbund, confederate alliance of planets) is on course near planet Earth and encounters technical problems. The ship has to go down on the devastated surface. Not knowing how to deal with each other, the encounter of the two parties ends in a terrible armed conflict. Who will prevail? The technologically highly advanced KPB, or the hard-bitten, steeled Bunkermenschen?

Have a look at our YouTube video to see more of the actual gameplay.

Screenshots 2008


Screenshots 2007

Screenshots 2005


Both parties recognized the opportunity of hiding behind ruins in the top left screenshot. Unfortunately nobody wants to give up his apparently good position. KPB attacks with a hovercraft tank, a heavy mech and quite a few light cyborgs. The Bunkermenschen try to defend their position with a light and two heavy tanks as well as two soldiers armed with rocket launchers. A paramedic went into position right hand of the huge tree. In the second screenshot you will spot a small KPB base to gain resources. Some Gladiator-Cyborgs and two surface-to-air rocket turrets secure the area around the storage and the flux for the valuable scrap. The next shot shows a Bunkermenschen base with two generators, housing, barracks and a flux for the scrap. The construction unit is meant to build a new generator. The red mouse cursor signalises that it is impossible to place the building here. The last screenshot shows a scene of the second "demo" version. The player is on duty to lead a convoy to a left base to take this strategic position over. Later he is meant to attack the nearby KPB base. The KPB tries to balk this mission with a devastating bomber strike.

Both parties have a completely different user interface. The Bunkermenschen interface has a rusty "always on top" design whereas the metallic KPB interface can be run in and out user-defined. The user interface consist of functions for the units like changing the behaviour, a customisable minimap and options to construct buildings.

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